Friday, 2 February 2007


A Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that China wants the United States to repatriate the suspected Chinese terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay as soon as possible. She said the US should follow international laws and regulations and send the terrorists back.

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Diplomatic Protection

After a Chinese engineer was killed and another wounded in Kenya during an attack on a Chinese stone materials plant, Chinese diplomats in Kenya met with the Kenyan government and called for Kenya to find the murderers immediately and better protect Chinese lives and property.

Cultural Property

The State Council vows to step up international cooperation to retrieve cultural relics that have been taken abroad illegally. But the relevant international conventions are considered inadequate and there is great difficulty in reclaiming cultural property through legal means.

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Thursday, 1 February 2007

Environmental -- Air Pollution
Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Guangdong will release details of a pilot emissions trading scheme for power plants in the region. The scheme will cover the right to emit sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and respirable suspended particles, but excludes greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

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