Sunday, 31 August 2008

Treatment of Aliens
Diplomatic Immunity

The Ministry of Public Security issued a new regulation on procedures for handling road accidents. If a foreign national is involved, the police is authorised not to allow the foreigner to leave the country. The regulation also sets out procedures for dealing with persons entitled to diplomatic immunities, and authorise the police to seize their driver's licence.


An official with the State Council's Overseas Chinese Affairs Office reaffirmed China's position not to recognise dual nationality.

Human Rights
Treatment of Aliens

China granted early release to 8 American citizens who had been given 10-day detention for launching unauthorised demonstrations during the Beijing Olympics. This appears to result form intervention by the US ambassador, who said the Americans had been expressing views protected by the Chinese Constitution. If that argument held any water, then the Chinese Constitution appears to have been applied much more favourably to Americans than it would have been to Chinese citizens.